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October 30, 2000
Apologies to all my viewers.  I've been lost in massive urban sprawl that is New Jersey.  Between traveling 20 miles within RU, and the 50 mile commute to work, I've just been running on OD.  Because of my hectic schedule, seeing that this site no longer fits the image I have of myself, and having attained the primary objective of this site, I think this will be my last page of words at this URL.
I wanted this site to be a grounds for venting and self exploration.  I wanted to exercise my writing skills, play with images, and just find a new way to express myself.  I think that I have exhausted the look and feel of what I was pursuing, and if I were to add anything ... it would just clash hopelessly with this site's original intent.
Although my objective was met, I did not anticipate all that I had experienced.  Between the collision of my cyber space with TJ's, the strange virtual communication with my friends in far away schools (or should I just say Cornell?), and sustaining contact with an unknown "Bob," this site has offered many memorable experiences.  Because of this, I will do my best to make sure nothing on this URL will be deleted and that you and I will always have something to look back on.  I may start a new site, and I will consider linking that URL to this page, but I may not.  Sometimes it's better to leave somethings behind and start completely new.
So, if you have any thoughts or concerns, feel free to e-mail me.  My address can be found through the Miscellaneous link.
Now, I give you one last <smack> and my virtual love.  Remember that this site will always be here, so if you should ever feel a tinge of nostalgia, don't be hesitant to take a little peek.           
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