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October 2, 2000
Do you know what happens when you put Hello Kitty things all over your website?  You get an e-mail from Angelbunni who is from the UK saying:

You are probably wondering what is this email you are receiving and what the hell is it about. Basically this is an invite to "The Glittery Cheesecake" pen pal club. It is a new club that has been opened by me (angelbunni), to give people a service that allows them to find friends to correspond with. Unlike a normal pen pal club, this is a Kawaii/Cute penpal club. This means it's for people who love anything pink, girly, fluffy, glittery, kitsch........the list could go on! This could mean that you are into sanrio, or anime cartoons like sailor moon, you could like the powerpuff girls or even barbies and you will find somebody to talk to. There are loads of sections on the club board (the club is set out as a message board, that way it gets updated instantly).
There is:
   A Email Pals section. This is where you can place ads and find email pen pals.
   A Snail Mail section. This is where you can find traditional penpals and place your own ads.
   Kawaii Chat. This is where you can start your own discussions about anything.
   Punky Princesses. This is where all you Punk rock cuties can discuss and find penpals.
   Help. If you need help at anytime the moderators are here to help you with anything that is featured @ G.S.C.
Anybody is welcome to join and it is all completely free! All you have to do is to go to <AHREF="HTTP: bglitterycheesecake? pub25.ezboard.com http:http://pub25.ezboard.com/bglitterycheesecake and register your very own screen name (this means that nobody can have the same name as you and you can have your very own time saving profile!). I hope you all decide to joining because it really is gonna be great fun!
Plus G.S.C. is looking for moderators to help run the site, this is a great way to get involved and to publicise your own website. Email me if you are interested.
hope to see all there, lots of hugs and glitter.
Jorden aka Angelbunni