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9/1/00 Friday

New Brunswick really really sucks.
Today is Humberto's last day at Public Sector Zone.  The intern room will not be the same without him ... WAAHOOOO!!!  Nah, I'm just kinding ... it's more like boohoo.  Well, technically, he's still employed by the company ... but ... he's a virtual employee as opposed to a ... real employee?
So I gave him his last morning surprise today.  In the beginning of our internship (before my diet), I would go to Dunkin Donuts on the way to work, pick up a bagel for myself and two donuts for Humberto.  After I started Slim Fasting, the trips to Dunkin Donuts ended, but I made my final trip today.  So sad ... no more happy faces from surprise donuts.
The office had a little going away party for Humberto.  We ate Chinese food in the conference room today.  Humberto received a gift certificate to Guitar Center and a deer reflector to put up in his dorm room.  Everybody loves him, despite the fact that he's routinely late.

9/8/00 Friday

Last night was very interesting.  I watched a part of the MTV music awards with my housemates TJ and Lauren, and after it was over, I went to bed.  Around 3 o'clock in the morning, I woke up without understanding why.  The second I asked myself the question, "Why am I awake?" I received my answer by Jeremy's yelling and the echoing sounds of something breaking.  I then heard a girls voice screaming, "Jeremy!  Jeremy!  What happened?!  Are you ok?" which was followed by a slurred explanation that involved many swear words linked together in an uncomprehendable way.  I just thought to myself, "there's a dead bolt in your door, go back to sleep" and that is exactly what I did.

This morning, I saw a pair of ... achem ... chunky maroon Mary Janes in the living room.  Knowing that they didn't belong to any of the female members of the house, I assumed that they belong to the screaming girl, but her body was not on the couch.  

9/11/00 Monday
This weekend was ... interesting.
Friday - After work, went to Menlo to use this month's  Victoria's Secret coupon ... which is a great marketing strategy on LTDs part.  I definitely spent a lot more money at VS after opening up a charge account because og the little pack of monthly coupons.  Went back to the apartment and basically crashed.
Saturday - In NYC to give Humberto his paycheck, which I had actually left in a bag that I decided not to take with me at the last minute.  My stupidity even surprises me every now and then.  In any case, I ended up hanging out with his former roomate Sharik, went to dinner with them, hung out at Sharik's terrace (the boy is in a single and he has a terrace!) with one of their friend's (Marty is her name and swing is her game), got drunk (after one wine cooler and one screw driver that didn't even have half a shot of vodka - I have no tolerance, and Humberto had 7 drinks composed of screw drivers and a big ass pilsner, which got him severely buzzed and lost several memory cells) and then went to a party at the suites.  
The check-in to this dorm was a nightmare and a half.  The guy that was suppose to sign me in kinda got lost socializing with random people at the gate, and there were just so much people traffic, which made getting his attention and having him stand in line would be too imposing and taken way too much effort on my part.  Seeing that the anaconda of a sign-in line would take at least three days, I saw a gaggle of giggling little Asian girls rushing to find the party, and I decided they were my ticket in.  So I sorta just got mixed into the gaggle and was able to avoid the anaconda.
The people at the party were pretty cool.  There was a Cornellian and a silent guy with long curly hair and a little beard/go-T ... he was kinda scary, but that's probably just a prejudice working against me.  Out of the bunch, I would have to say that Eian and the only other girl at the party (but I don't remember her name) were the funner people there.  Eian is absolutely awesome.  He's deaf and he makes fun of it.  He's incredibly funny, and he is just a socializing demon.
Sunday - Went food shopping at Edwards and read Econometrics.   Sundays just doesn't really exist.
Now I'm at the office reading articles.  But, I also found something interesting.
I was nicknamed Linders when I was on the field hockey team at RU.  And check this out...
The name of Linders contains within it an intense emotional power that could drive you to put forth great effort to accomplish your ambitions and to do something noteworthy and worthwhile. There are humanitarian ideals in this name, making you feel the urge to champion the cause of the downtrodden, the victims of circumstances and injustices. However, it is difficult for you to materialize your ideals because of a restless, unsettled feeling which causes you never to know just what it is that you should be working toward, and the very intensity of your nature makes systematic concentration and application a challenge. You can have intensely contrasting feelings toward people, either you are fiercely loyal or extremely intolerant. There is rarely a happy medium in your feelings. Consequently, you experience many disappointments in people, tragedy, and the loss of the very things for which you may be intensely striving. Bitter experiences could make you cynical, critical, and argumentative. You find it difficult to see the brighter or humorous side of a situation. This name makes you nervous and highly strung, causing tension affecting your nervous system and solar plexus.
This is so accurate that it's scary.

9/15/00 Friday
My Sim City class is awesome!!  Well, the course title is Urban Design and Site Planning, but it's basically Sim City.  I get to go buy art supplies!!  My professor for the class is awesome.  He's a consultant for developing cities, and he's travelled all over the world and worked on amazing projects.  I'm extremely excited about this class.  It looks like a lot of hard work, but it's the kind of hard work that offers great rewards.  I'm very, very excited.
Oh, and as a side note ...

9/18/00 Monday
Today, I'm working on trying to find the number of deer related car accidents that had taken place last year in at least 10 municipalities within Bergen County.  What have I found?  Government employees are stupid, Stupid, STUPID!  Not to mention the thick layer of bureacratic b!llsh!t that you have to penetrate to access public information that is suppose to be free.
In Ramsey, New Jersey, I was told by the head of the records division that the person that made the information request will need to pay the overtime fee for the manual counting of paperwork for deer related accidents.  This is because only the records for accidents up to 1995 are in the municipal database.  Oh, and according to the person I spoke with, half the office had left for the day, and it wasn't even 11 am yet.  Gee, can the fact that government employees just don't show up for work be the reason why government is about 5 years behind?  Such an agitation.
Anyway, this past weekend was interesting.
Friday - went home to Princeton because I needed to send my parents off on Saturday to the Marriot where they would be transported to the airport.  I picked Humberto up at the train station since he needed to go home to grab some things for school.  He kinda showed up at his house an hour after telling his parents that he would spend the weekend at home.
Saturday - basically argued with my parents during lunch, nothing particulary noteworthy.  Saturday night was completely unexpected, Humberto's parents made plans for dinner at Lahiere's and a play at Morrisville, and decided to invite me along with them and Humberto.  Dinner was fabulous, and An Enemy of the People was excellent.  I felt like such a tag along though, and that I had ruined their original intent for the evening.
Sunday - sent Humberto back on the train, went back to NB, did some homework at Barnes.   

9/25/00 Monday
Many apologies for not updating this site regularly as the summer, but I just installed a phone line and the dial-up network in my computer during the weekend.  So, this site will undergo a few changes in the next couple of days because none of my files are saved in the computer I have at home.
Many interesting things happened last week, and I will tell all soon enough.  But for the little time I have now, I'll just go right in to weekend highlights.
Friday - After work, I went home to Princeton and revisited my childhood by taking a bath with Mr. Bubbles.
Saturday - Went to the Met and went through the Chinese exhibit and saw many beautiful things.  The Neolithic period was somewhat foreign to me; my parents never really exposed me to things in that time period, which really isn't all that surprising.
Sunday - Sparkles (my little Silver Opal Corolla) and I tore through NB as though my life depended on it.  I must have gone through 5 or 6 art  and office supply stores to by materials for my Sim City class.  I made it to every store within half an hour to closing time, and was able to gather all the things I needed for the assignment that is due today.