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August 19, 2000 Sparks and Slim Shady
I went to get a hair cute on Saturday, and I swear ... Eminem was my stylist.

I am a loyal Sparks client, and I truly believe that this beauty salon is a jewel hidden in the dirty little ghetto city that is New Brunswick.  I always find myself under the hands of a different stylist, and every time, without fail, I leave the establishment with an outstanding haircut.  This past Saturday, for the first time ever, I was sweating bullets when a tall, bleached blonde, mock-hard-core man greeted me with a firm hand shake informing me that he will be cutting my hair.  I was such the fool in doubting Sparks' superior styling expertise.

Eddie's countenance completely fooled me.  During the entire hour or so that he was working with me, I kept on thinking to myself, “It will grow back, it will grow back.”  His Eminem style, and hard-core mannerisms made every single snip of hair terrifying.  Why was it so scary?  Because he is everything that my former boyfriend wanted to be, and there is no way in hell I would want OJA to ever cut my hair.  Between the toothy grin, nodding that entails an upward tilting of the chin, and the random “Bang!  KAAAZAAAM!  Now this is what I call a perfect layered cut!” all I could do was smile and laugh politely.

A little bit into the cut, I realized what he saw in my hair, and his vision was really coming to fruition.  I relaxed and started having fun with this comical guy.  He's really a sweetheart and a good looking one at that … despite his Slim Shady act, which is actually rather becoming of him in retrospect.

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( Eddie - this is me spreading the word about you and your skills to my friends and other peeps)

   Guys - if you are looking for a cool haircut that makes you look good enough to be gay while having people know fully well that you are not


   Ladies - if you want a hotty to give you a stylin' cut

Then call up Sparks Hair Design and make an appointment with Eddie.