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August 7, 2000 Dieting Melancholy
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It sucks not being able to eat.  You place all this hope into your daily little half meal of a bagel, and when you can't get that little toasted bagel with cream cheese ... I don't know ... it just doesn't seem as though there's a reason to live anymore.

It's amazing how sad you can get because of dieting.  This is what happened.   

I was looking forward to eating a bagel with cream cheese and drinking a Slim Fast for lunch today.  Granted, it isn't exactly the yummiest thing in the entire world, but I was still really looking forward to eating something solid as opposed to drinking my meals.
So I wrote my order down, and I saw Humberto had ordered a cheese steak and cheese fries.  Seeing that written down and knowing I wouldn't be able to partake in his caloric indulgence made me a little sad, but I was still grateful for the opportunity to be able to chew.  
The door chime goes off, and the food arrives.  Unfortunately, I was at the verge of tears when I found out that my little order was forgotten.
I was able to convince myself that I'm better off just slurping down the Slim Fast so I refused the offer of going out and picking up a bagel at a Dunkin Donuts.  I wasn't even in the mood for the bagel because the eagerness to consume it vanished.
But then, I sat down next to Humberto, and smelled the greasy fries and cheese steak, and I suddenly felt very sad and grumpy.
All I really want is to be twigified immediately.
I need liposuction.