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August 4, 2000 Infidelity
John F. Kennedy was unfaithful to his incredibly perfect wife, Jackie O,

Jackie O is just the most beautiful American woman this country has ever seen.  She's intelligent, stunning, and her sense of style is not only Classic, but it has passed the test of time and will foreverly carry a trendy/contemporary look as well.  Such an idea seems like an oxymoron, but Jackie has delivered in the fairy tale reality of Camelot.  How John was ever able to cheat on this woman, I will never understand.

Prince Charles cheated on the beloved Princess Di,

Another woman with a great sense of style who was astonishingly beautiful.  Prince Charles did not deserve her.

and Clinton was almost impeached for lying about his extramarital affairs.  

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Do you have any idea how hard it was to find a flattering picture of Hillary?  She might not be a glamour girl, but she's still better looking and more attractive than Monica.  

But now, Regis Philbin throwing his 30 year marriage with Joy to shame?!  

I would have never imagined the great TV persona to have an indecent personal life.  I think I will soon grow to hate the phrase, "Is that your final answer?"

This is just too much to handle.

"We had sex every way you can think of - kissing, caressing, fondling, getting naked, intimate touching, mutual oral sex. But no intercourse," former Notre Dame cheerleading coach Maria Majerek, 39, claims in a diary obtained by the National Enquirer.

In a piece of cheaters' logic last dispensed by the Oval Office, she also wrote:

"It might seem strange, but we were both married and we felt we weren't really committing adultery if we didn't have actual intercourse."


I don't understand why being faithful and keeping your wedding vows true is so hard to accomplish.  Do people really think that adultery is only committed through sexual intercourse?  

In my personal opinion, adultery is committed once a person involved in a serious relationship even sees people other than his/her companion in a sexual way.  Pornographic viewing with intention for virtual sexual pleasure is just as adulterous as a forbidden kiss, fondling, even sexual intercourse.

It amazes me how relaxed morals have become today.  It amazes me, and it repulses me.