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July (the second month)
July 5, 2000

Oy, it's been a rough past two days.  I'm looking at a final exam that I am not ready for, an upset ex-boyfriend who has found a new g/f but was not happy due to the lack of his presence on this site (but that one was just taken care of two minutes ago .. the wonders of the internet), upset housemates because they had found my little b!tch out (again, the wonders of the internet) ... but the entire thing is not over yet.  And I think I'm looking at another stressor but I don't have the time nor the patience to explain.

Shoot me.

July 7, 2000

I took my Law & Economics final yesterday and I think I aced it, but I'm not sure.  I know I did very well in the essay portion, but I think I made many mistakes in the math section.  It's funny ... an econ major not having strong math skills ... I think I might either be a masochist or just highly self destructive.

Aside from stressing and worrying about the test, yesterday was probably the best day out of this entire week thus far.  Not having to go to work, just sitting at Au Bon Pain, and napping in my apartment ... and spending some time with Humberto after his morning class, I had a very enjoyable day.  This Saturday might just top yesterday though ... Humberto and I are going to see Medea.  Excited I am.

Oh, my little Victoria's Secret purchases came two days ago.  Very happy girl I am.
I'm glad nobody shot me.

July 10, 2000

This weekend was awesome.  

On Friday, I went to see Mission Impossible 2, which was great.  It had everything that a summer blockbuster needs.  

On Saturday, I saw Line with Humberto instead of Medea because it closed in May.  We also went to the Met and had dinner with one of his friends who works in NYC.  In any case, Line was great.  I will post my opinions on Line and MI2 in Things I've Seen sometime soon.

On Sunday, I moved in to my apartment in NB.  Armed with Lysol and bleach, I spent about 2 hours killing things in the bathroom.  I intend to terminate more micro-organisms some time this week, primarily the ones inhabitting the kitchen.

July 11, 2000

This is the beginning of a poem I wrote in my Stats for Business class the other night.

Boredom oppresively reigns
I need something in my veins
Do not leave me suffering
Let me make your coffer ring

I guess some classes can make people yearn something more euphoric.

July 12, 2000

Chinese for lunch today.  It was yummy.

Quote of the day
"Chinese food has a very short half life."
(Humberto quoted his friend who is a chemistry major.)

July 13, 2000

Chernobyll: "this is not the conduct of a gentleman"
Theia2002: Patriot!
Chernobyll: we've got to save the chick-ens!
Theia2002: I wasn't impressed with that one
Theia2002: although it was still Mel
Chernobyll: i didn't see it
Chernobyll: i heard its on par with toystory, but i dunno
Chernobyll: on the other hand, the ppl who made it are really good at what they do
Theia2002:     whatever
Theia2002: you can't make fun of a fabulous pixar flick
Theia2002: that has a well written plot
Chernobyll: i guess... but the chicken run people are establiched in their own right
Chernobyll: they're the pixar of clay
Theia2002: I'm sorry ... but I have no respect for claymation
Theia2002: i think it's ugly
Chernobyll: its ass-hard to do
Theia2002: it's not worth the time or the energy
Theia2002: it's annoying to look at
Chernobyll: well to each their own
Theia2002: I thought Gumbi was a wretched failure
Theia2002: as a s erious
Theia2002: series
Theia2002: well ..
Theia2002: thenightmare before christmas was cool
Theia2002: but it was different
Theia2002: it didn't have that thick ... oger look to it
Chernobyll: wow ur really bored
Chernobyll: ur talking about claymation
Theia2002: yeah
Theia2002: I'm bored to tears

That was the highlight of my morning.

July 14, 2000

Humberto and I were talking about pop culture and the average American.  He thinks that the MTV movie awards is a great way to gauge how drab pop culture is.   He used the success of American Pie in the MTV movie awards to illustrate the ... well ... ugh-ness of pop culture.

"I don't know ... I started to hate movies like that.  It's too easy; it's like maxim and seventeen had a kid in the movie theatre.   Its just...horrible," he said.

Well .. you can't really argue with that analogy.

For something funny that relates to this topic, click here.

July 17, 2000

I don't know exactly how many faxes I am suppose to send ... but I think my supervisor said something in the neighborhood of 500.  In any case, I just went over to the wretched machine to continue the tedious labor ... but the things just completely wrecked me.  I loaded the document into the feeder, punched in the number ... and the machine displayed a slightly hostile message
Wait For Your Turn!
That made me laugh.  I have never been told off by a fax machine before.

Friday- saw Scary Movie, it was hilariously funny.
Saturday- hung out with my little China man (but Chakapoop ditched me) and was finally able to spend a few hours relaxing in Princeton .... and then I did homework
Sunday- picnic at my parent's house, got a little refrigerator, went grocery shopping, so now I have a stash of juices that will not be consumed by uninvited people ... and then I finished my homework assignment

And that was my weekend.  Not terribly interesting, but it's still better than the work week.

July 18, 2000

Highlights for today:

Well, the top thing would be the computer guy's b-day ... we had ice cream cake ... yum.

But the thing that made me laugh incredibly hard would have to be Doreen.  She was working on a computer in  one of the cubicles that is in the room that we work in.  She was fidgeting and cursing at the computer for about three hours.  She was talking to the distributor on the phone for almost an hour trying to fix the machine, but it still would not do what she wanted it to do.

A little while later, she leaves and asks the computer guy/b-day boy for help.  Two seconds later, she comes back in the room, looks at Humberto head on and said, "A missing chip.  You think that might be the fucking problem?!"

It was hilarious.

July 19, 2000


This morning, my supervisor asked Humberto and I to research the West Nile Virus on the internet.  We were also suppose to find the answers to any questions that show up on the discussion board.  He then asked me to compile a huge address book group for all Public Sector Zone registrants, and to send the following e-mail to those registrants.

To all our valued Public Sector Zone members,
We are currently hosting an important interactive discussion forum on the West Nile Virus, which began today July 19th. A group of prominent subject matter experts have agreed to monitor the discussion and provide information where applicable. We encourage your participation in making this important information exchange a success. Your experience and insight will bring a valuable dimension to the exchange. Please visit the discussion soon and visit it often.

And I'm so happy right now ... because I interpret the "group of prominent subject matter experts" to include the humble little interns, Humberto and I.

July 20, 2000

Doreen and I were working on office nicknames earlier today.  Out of all the people that I know in the office .... these are a complation of our efforts in no particular order.

Doreen - Potty Mouth
Gerry - The Godfather
Hank - The Nodding Professor
Geoff - Battle Commander
Diane - Office Mom
Peter - Diet Pepsi Addict
Ken - Fearless Leader
Me - Loud Giggles in a Short Skirt
Marc - Product of Nepotism
Humberto - The Big Quiet Guy
Lloyd - The Amazing Zellner (I think we can come up with a better one for him)
Roger - The VP for the "Thank you" department / Hog rider / Cowboy

And this was hilarious.
I am researching the West Nile Virus on the internet, and I was focusing on malathion insecticide.  On my search, I came across www.mules.com

Toxic elements can endanger your mule's life. Certain pastures, household chemicals, fertilizers, antibiotics, even your bedding in the stall can prove fatal to your valued equine. Substances around a normal farm can result in life threatening situations range from ornamental plants, feed additives, farm products, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, rodent baits and mold. Generally, poisonings can be avoided by conscientious management around the barn. Be familiar with lethal substances and the symptoms of poisoning to protect your mule. An ounce of prevention is desirable because in most instances there is no cure for your poisoned mule.

July 21, 2000

This is what I accomplished today ... and it's pretty serious stuff.

The Garland Collection ....
Diamonds and Platinum oh my!!

So what was my accomplishment?  I made a major life decision.  After viewing that beautiful site, I decided that I must be rich.  I'm either going to have to make the money myself, or preferably, marry very very very well.

July 24, 2000

This weekend was very relaxing, and I made another big decision but this time, it pertains to the present as opposed to long term life goals.  Anyway

Friday: X-Men and midnight snack at TGI Friday's with high school chums.  I finally saw Jane for the first time since ... winter break?

Saturday: Slept the entire day basically, except when the laundry roused me to switch loads.  Saturday night, I saw Gone in 60 Seconds with Stephanie (Jungle Fevered).  This would be the first time I saw her since the early months of spring semester.  We had a lot of laughs, and every single "black brother" at the movie theater was checking her out.  I don't get it ... they just seem to know that she would be into them.

Sunday (not so relaxing): Decided to go on a diet, so I went food shopping and purchased fluids galore including a week's worth of Slim Fast shakes.  Then I dealt with my former landlandy who I lovingly refer to as Hispanic b!tch, retarded landlady, or the pain-in-the-ass-Spanish-speaking-prick-landlady/(and the lowest of the low) REAL ESTATE AGENT.  She will appear on the Sh!t List section of this journal.  

And check this out (but scroll down to the July 19, 2000 entry first)

Humberto & Geoff -
Could I offer a suggestion? Humberto should not answer questions being raised on the West Nile board.   He isn't an expert, and may be precluding an expert (who we are trying to attract onto the board) from responding.
I think its great that he and Linda are adding material/posts on the boards, but their role needs to be structured so as to provoke further discussion, not to complete or end it by offering answers.

And I thought that we were considered to be part of the "group of prominent subject matter experts".  Poops.

July 25, 2000

Had a Slim Fast shake for breakfast, and I just took my first Metabolife pill today.  It is a big huge ugly brown pill.  I hope these things work.

(Later, after lunch ... Chinese by the way ... it was yummy)
I think that this might only be in my head, but I feel funny.  I feel as though I had just drank three cups of cappicino after pulling an all nighter.  I want to blame it on Metabolife, but I think I'm just being a chicken about taking a scary diet pill.

E-mail me if you used Metabolife before, or you can just tell me what you think.

July 26, 2000

I became a loyal Howard Stern listener this summer.  As much as I love this shock jock, this morning's show was not a pleasant experience.  

First, I wake to the sound of a woman crying while a man (playing the role of a boss or some other authority figure) told her to take off her shirt, arch her back, and suck her thumb.  It was disturbing because I was still dreaming, but the images changed to in accordance to what I was hearing on the radio.  Needless to9 say, it was somewhat frightening.

Then, driving to work, Howard introduces Mr. T onto the show.  Oh my God, that man was so obnoxious.  First he starts up by giving shout outs (the term shout out should be taken literally and not figuratively in his case) thanking these random people for helping him fight cancer, then he continues screaming about his finances or something to that extent.  I'm sorry, but I seriously doubt this man has cancer.  There is no way a cancer patient going through chemotherapy can possibly have enough disposable energy to communicate through hyper shouting.

I just flicked to random station to escape Mr. T.  I found peace on the first station I landed on.  It awas playing techno, and never had the loud redudant beat accompanied by synthesizers and an incoherant female voice been so soothing.

July 28, 2000

I miss having breakfast.  I never realized how much I enjoyed my morning coffee and bagel or muffin combo.  Coffee isn't that great by itself, but when you get some sort of pastry or bread product to go with it, it's SOOO yummy.

And do you know what else?  I really fail to see a point in women trying to get skinny if they know they are just eventually gonna wind up married with children.  Personally, I never intend to have any little monsters coming out of a place where the sun don't shine.  So for people like me, wanting to get skinny makes sense, but other females?  If I were them, I would just say forget about it, kick back, and slurp down the cappacinoes, biscottis, bagels with a good layer of fatty cream cheese, and other yummies.


John Tukey died today!!  :( I know my Stats for Business professor will be very sad.    

July 31, 2000

This is the ickiest Monday ever.  Cloudy, muggy, sleepy day.  I wish I could have stayed in bed.

This weekend was ok.

Friday: Went shopping at Menlo after work to make myself feel better.  I realized humanity is damned at some point during the day.  I concluded that we are better of letting AIDS, various forms of STDs, and drug use as a means of Darwinism to kill off the morally unfit.  Friday night, I saw Sunshine.  It was a very provocative and disturbing movie, but it was very well done.    

Saturday: Got my computer back from Jon, who did a miraculous job taming the b!tch whore.  Then I kidnapped Jane to go to a surprise manicure as a belated b-day present.  After dinner, I went back to NB so that ...

Sunday: Met up with my friend Dave to study for International Economics.  Afterwards, I visited Humberto's house which was filled with calorie burning children.  They're cute, but not cute enough.  Something about scatalogical humor just  kills the beauty of their big blues eyes and round angelic faces.


I swear to the heavens, Doreen Matters is a white version of me.  

She offered to buy the people in the office drinks from Starbucks, and I gave her a coupon that's basically buy one iced drink and get another for free.  She came back with an egg carton filled with drinks, pranced into the intern room and said, "The man at the Starbucks was such a jerk.  Reads through the coupon like a fine-toothed comb, and said that he wouldn't accept it like it was a $20 Gift Certificate or something.  Ugh, whatever, he's such a jerk."  Then with a courteous smile, she made an about face, prances out of the room while saying, "Enjoy your coffee!" in the sweetest of tones.