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My Top Ten Hobbies
10. Eating yummy food
9. Field Hockey - I was on the Rutgers University Field Hockey Team
8. Running
7. Dressing people - I worked part-time in retail for 2 years because of this
6. Shopping - I am an econ major and I am a hard core capitalist.  I completely support consumerism and I think the global market rocks.  Granted, I am in the very bottom of the financial hierarchy, but I don't give a damn because it gives me an incentive to move up.  After all, that is the definition of the American dream.
5. Writing - Hence, this web page
4. Reading - I have always been a Shakespeare buff, and presently,  I'm loving Ayn Rand
3. Cinema - Particularly Chinese films
2. Theater - I'm minoring in Theater right now, but I hope to become a Theater major if I have time my senior year to do so.
1. Sleeping - My wish is to be a cat so that I can take naps all day long.  Did you know that a seven year old kitty has only been awake 2 years of his/her life because (s)he sleeps 16 hours a day?