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July 27, 2000 Agitation Part II - More grief on those freakin' liberals
Did you hear?  The democratic party in LA will be held at the Play Boy Mansion.

The party, to be held in a tent on the grounds of the Playboy complex in an elite corner of Beverly Hills, will feature Playboy bunnies demurely dressed in business suits and cocktail dresses, escorting guests on tours of the 5-1/2-acre estate. The lush grounds include exotic flora, birds and monkeys, waterfalls, winding forest trails, and a ``grotto'' consisting of a dimly lit swimming and Jacuzzi area where guests to the mansion ``are known to frolic,'' Farley said.
Sanchez felt using the Playboy Mansion as a venue would help raise awareness of Hispanic issues and encourage more Hispanics to register to vote, but an embarrassed Gore ``sent word he would not attend prior to even receiving an invitation,'' Farley said.


Help raise awareness of Hispanic issues?  How would throwing the democratic convention at the Play Boy mansion help raise Hispanic issues?  The only thing that it would raise amoung Hispanics would be things that I am unable to say due to Tripod's censorship policies.  

Al Gore says that he does not plan on attending, but I would wager that both him and Bill would really like to go.  

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Al probably isn't going because of ... what's her face ... FeeFee(?) ... oh, wait ... no ... Ms. Censorship aka Tipper, wouldn't let him.

I bet Bill would show up though.  Afterall, Hillary is busy in New York ...

*Don't mean to offend- I know HIspanics are not all evil.  My brother-in-law is an authentic Latino, his name is Carlos ... but again, my "cat calling" experinces have led to form a strong inclination to sterotype against this group of people.