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July 26, 2000 Agitation
Do you know what really bothers me?  People who display a combination of the following:

1. Highly liberal views.
I once considered conservatives to be a four letter word, but now I view the term liberal as such.

2. Enjoyment from displaying random facts about other countries and presenting empassioned arguments and concern to show their worldly knowledge.
All that really concerns you is being able to run a functional household, maintaining an orderly lifestyle, being self sufficient, and paying your taxes.  Don't throw yourself into a furious arguement as to how the US should execute big stick policies to protect the well being of people of other nations.  The federal government is too busy dealing with selfish Americans who refuse to fork over a portion of their income to help provide for the under priveldged of  this country.  Why don't we worry about ourselves first, and let the government try to redistribute our wealth and feed our own hungry, poor and dieing.  Don't even think about what the US needs to do about destitute, pregnant, Latin women suffering from AIDS who needs to support a coup filled with bastard babies, but Castro behaves like the cold hearted Nazi that he is by saying to this poor, grief stricken populus by saying, "Haha, no money or economic opportunity for you!"  Well, then again, he freed Elian, so I guess he isn't so cold hearted anymore.
3. Criticism against the federal government without being able to seeing societal factors that influences set policies, and unable to provide a realistic alternative that would make the entire nation better off.
Just pay your damn taxes and quit complaining.  Medicaid is good.  Think about it.  If the poor who are unable to purchase health care live without medical coverage of any kind, then they will unintentially and directly foster an epidemic.  How?  The human body is a breading ground for diseases and parasites.  Given the fact that the under-priviledged have poor dietary habits, let alone other health concerns, they are even more suseptible for disease.  However, they still interact with people of all income levels and can spread the illnesses that they carry to everybody!  Before you know it, we have an epidemic.  Medicaid not only provides medical attention for the poor, but it is also a precautionary measure in public health matters.  And for the other stuff, I'm sure there's a reason why the federal government takes a sizable hunk of my biweekly paycheck, and it hurts, but I'm sure there's a reason for it as well.

4. People who dwell in the realm of unrealism while engaging in eccentric thought and philosophy that is intangible in the real world.
Philosophy is great.  Thoughts are great.  Economics and various other social sciences are based on philosophical thoughts.  It is a very real discipline.  However, when you dwell in dellusional thought that have no substance in the real world, you are just wasting your time and brain cells.  If you are to proceed to make arguments, criticisms, and/or complaints based on those thoughts, then you have just reached the pinnacle of obnoxiousness.  What exactly am I referring to?  An example would be sterotypical Christian beliefs on abortion.  Ugh.