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July 24, 2000 Diet Time
As the title of this page suggests,  I decided to go on a diet.  I have been complaining about how I thought I was getting heavy, and to my dismay, a friend of mine and my mother both agreed that I was indeed porkifying.

You see, I had always been able to eat whatever I wanted because I was a very active person.  All through high school, I was involved in a sport all year round.  My freshman year in college, I was on the "varsity" field hockey team (RU doesn't do the JV thing).  Unfortunately, that came to a crashing end my sophmore year.  When I wasn't sitting in a class, I was sitting in an office.  I didn't run a single mile for an entire year.  So now, my body is showing off the fact that I didn't run a single mile for an enire year.

Currently, I work in the morning and go to school at night.  My day begins at 7am, and it ends at 9:45 pm.  So again, I don't have time to exercise.  So what did I decide to do?  Metabolife and Slim Fast.  Since I can't work off the calories, I should just deprive myself of future calories and hopefully, use up the excess.

My refrigerator is now filled with Slim Fast shakes, water, apples, yogurt, and juices galore.  *sigh*  No more yummies.

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