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July 15, 2000 Interesting Sighting in Princeton, NJ

On Saturday, Jon and I decided to hang out in one of the cutest towns in New Jersey … and that isn't hometown pride talking.

Princeton is an older township with a pristine downtown area.  The town is populated by conservative, older, middle and upper class families/residents and college students.  Basically, Princeton is like opulent 1950s America stepping into the new Millennium.

With sunshine and pleasant temperature, Jon and I devoted a couple of hours Saturday afternoon to walk around and enjoy the quaint little town.  Strolling along Witherspoon Street, I saw something that I did not think this conservative middle/upper class town was ready for.

A dark haired middle-aged woman innocuously dressed walked hand in hand with something quite the opposite.  A bald, middle-aged man wearing a baby pink button down shirt with the first two buttons undone walked beside this woman.  At first glance, something about the couple seemed strange, but nothing seemed to warrant extra attention.  Then, the strangeness of the couple hits you unexpectedly.

The man had the baby pink shirt tucked in to a black knee length skirt and he was carrying a black handbag.

The sight made me chuckle,

but needless to say …

my male friend was very