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Titan AE (June 25, 2000)
I saw Titan this past weekend with Humberto, Rangan, and Shilpo (Rangan's little 13/14 year-old brother).  I must say, I am glad that Shilpo came because if it wasn't for his executive decision, I probably would have missed out on this great animated picture without even knowing it.  The writers had an awesome sense of humor, although they had a taste for melodrama.  The funniest scene would have to be this talking roach-like alien that owns an intergalactic restaurant yelling at the humans who are running through his kitchen.  This little grey and green bug with antennas screams at the humans, "You are INSANITARY!"  It was great.  And the new home to humans is called Bob.  So anyway, in addition to the witty writers, the animaters and computer graphics people are phenomenal.  If there was a must see kiddy movie, this would be it.

Earthlings are leading intergalactic space travel and technology.  Drej, an alien life that is compose of sheer energy, blows Earth up because he is unhappy with competition.  A super smart scientist had finished the construction of human's last hope for life on a planet, but he dies.  So the fate of humankind literally lies in the hand of his rebel teenage son.

My Opinion
I loved this movie for it's aesthetic appeal, the moral lessons, and the international and anti-sexist component to this movie.

Moral Lesson- Being a rebel and independent is all well and good, but you need to be a responsible person and you can not be selfish.  You need to concern yourself with the rest of your species.

International component- When Akima and Sam were working on the ship that will take them to Titan, you see a menagerie of races co-existing.  A flock of Chinese people came out at one point, speaking in Mandarin, trying to provide medical care to an injured Akima.  Then, off to the side, you see a group of African American children playing soccer.  This movie showed people as the human species, as opposed to separate ethnic races.  
    The other reason why I enjoyed this component so much is because of it's strong Asian influence.  I was surprised at the amount of time allotted to show the work ethic behind a Chinese community.  And the ship that Sam made with the help of his Chinese friends was awesome.  You just can't beat Asian engineering paired with American craftsmanship.   

Anti-sexist component- I loved the role Akima played.  She's hard working, intelligent, short tempered, and she has no problems dealing with overly aggressive male aliens.  I also love the fact that Sam (a white guy) was attracted to her, but she initially did not want anything to do with him ... from a romantic point at least.
    She is NOT your sterotypical Asian.
Great role model for kiddies ... hell ... great role model for me.