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June 19, 2000 In Memory
I was looking at Chakapoop and Jon's website, and I decided to incorporate some of the memories they presented on to this page.

First, let me introduce the cast.

Starting from the top(from left to right): Anna, Eunice, Me and Chakapoop (aka Jane http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/jsc30/index.htm)
      from the bottom (from left to right): the guy in the blue shirt with glasses is Eunice's friends - I have no idea what his name is, then Derek, Wayne, Frank, OJ (Overgrown Jew ... aka Jeremy), Tim, Jon (http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/crh13/), and Koh.

Setting: Christmas party of 1999 at Eunice's house

These are my high school friends ... and sad to say ... I have basically lost touch with them.  I think my attendance of that party was a futile effort to salvage any form a geniune relationship with these guys.  I definitely feel as though I have fallen out of the loop, but isn't that the natural course of life?

Reflecting on this smiling group of people, it isn't very hard to see how I had fallen out of the circle. With the distance between our schools, the lack of communication between us, and the disintegrating priority held for our friendships due to other distressing matters within our vicinity, the natural phenomenon of friendshifting was inevitable.

Although our friendship had passed, the memory of great times lives on.  Senior year of high school united us, and Disney World (the senior class trip) had solidified our relationships.  

My friendship with Jane had been the one of the most important things to me, and with her guidance through all the traumas that define high school life, I firmly believed that our friendship would never die.  In our minds, we were sisters.

Jon, Eunice, Tim and I had study hall four.  It had to be one of the funnest periods out of the whole day.

Top: Eunice
Left to Right: Jon, Tim, Me, Soyoung, Peter (I think Soyoung and Peter cut 4th period that day ... but they were part of the bigger crew)

Between trying to analyze a John Donne poem for AP English, to worrying about pre-prom plans, and then to jokes about Tim's oh so sexy butt, we shared some hysterical moments together.  *Note the word hysterical - both positive and negative connations apply

And then, there was Florida.

From top to bottom on the left: Wayne, Tomo, Jane, Koh
From top to bottom on the right: Me, Soyoung, Derek, Frank
Walking through the amusement parks, spending an entire week eating, talking, and touring through Disney World, I thought I had tasted the emotion described as bliss.  Unfortunately, Florida lasted a week, and the remainder of senior year and life in West Windsor would last only for a few months.  We had made our vows never to change or lose touch.  In retrospect, such vows were silly because change and the loss of touch is inevitable at our present age.  

The maturing process through the college experience demands change on an individual.  Although the core person never really changes, the outlook, behavior, values, and even political stance (or perhaps the mere development of a political stance) are dynamic aspects of an individual.  Change is suppose to happen, and with these changes in addition to the lack of cimmunication and distance between people, friendships can be outgrown and mismatched.

Since life makes people dynamic entities, friendshifting is just another component to life.  This makes journeys down memory lane a bittersweet experience.   The great times and fond memories are truly sweet, but the knowledge that relationships will never be as great and close as it was leaves a bitter taste.  Despite this fact, I am content with all that I had shared with them and I happy with all the memories that were made.