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June 12, 2000 This Morning
I sat at my favorite spot on campus - Au Bon Pain.  With a warm Dutch Apple bagel with cream cheese and a cup of sweetened coffee, I was ready to study Law & Economics like the devoted student that I am.  (No sarcasm .... really ... none at all.)

After the tedious plow of a single chapter (Chapter 1 An Introduction to Law and Economics), my ear perked up when a party of four plopped down next to me.  I began to lose focus on the words printed in front of me as I listened to a clear, articulate voice from the table next to me.

After ten minutes worth of ... achem .... *overhearing*, I realized that I was sitting next to an inspiration; the owner of the voice personifies the idea of living for the moment.  Hence, I give you ...

Carpe Diem Radiates Softly

(New Brunswick, NJ) "I'm a soft, bright light," the woman said- repeating this morning's reflection during meditation.  Her glow comes from her victory over alcoholism, her new found focus and love of life.
    Born with an alcohol addiction, she became a heavy drinker at the age of nine.  Because of her early addiction, she had to "skip college and enter the school of life," as her mother had said to her a little while ago.
    At the age of 28, "I am lucky enough to start over," she said.  Excited about the upcoming academic year, she eagerly anticipates the pleasures of college life.
    Currently, her average day lasts for roughly 15 hours, she said.  By day- she is a rehab counselor, by night- she works in the service industry for extra income, and on the weekends- she is a college student.  After attaining her diploma, she plans on marrying her fiancé and moving back to California, her home state.
    After years of battling one of the weakest traits of mankind, she has survived and became a victor over alcoholism.  Now, with a clear mind and a profound respect for her body, she has come to love life.  Despite her hectic schedule and severe environmental changes soon to come, she said she feels "a sense of calm and peace in the midst of all this activity."
    Her conclusion in light of all of her past and present experiences - "Life is too important to be taken seriously.  Laugh, have fun, live for the moment," she said.