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Miss Saigon (May 27, 2000)
My Favorite took me on a trip to NYC and surprised me with tickets to one of my all time favorite musicals - Miss Saigon.

       Sun and Moon             The heat is on in Saigon!  The girls are hotter than hell!     

Miss Saigon is a musical about the Vietnam War.  A village girl was sent into prostitution because her village was bombed and her family had parished.  She falls in love with an American soldier during her first night as a prostitute, who fathers a child unknowingly.  Her existence from that point on is to enable her child to live the American Dream.

I have seen this once before, but this second time around garnered a lot more tears.  We watched the afternoon matinee and were able to get really good seats in the mazinee.  

Elizabeth Paw, a Columbia student, was the star of the show and her performance touched me deeply.  She placed a greater emphasis on hope in her portrayal of Kim.  Through her body language and singing style, she conveyed a character who is very grounded in reality while have a thin streak of optimistic hope in her psyche.  Paw played a strong willed and mighty spirited Kim, and her mere entrance on to the stage set for disaster would bring tears to this viewers eyes.

They think they will decide your life.  No, it will be me.

Comparing Paw's performance to Melissa Chua (the featured Kim), I am compelled to say that Paw's performance was more emotionally provocative.  Chua portrays Kim as a hopelessly sweet and sentimental character with a slight chaotic and frazzled air.  Chua gives Kim the stereotyped Asian female personality, while Paw presents Kim in a more realistic way.  Because Paw gives Kim the more realistic air, this viewer felt Kim's pain before Kim had to endure it on stage.

I was slightly dissatisfied by the performer who played Chris.  Although I do not remember the name of the actor who had played Chris when I first saw the show, I do remember feeling pangs of sympathy for the idiotic character.  The current was a lead character for Rent last year, and his acting skills have not improved.

He was a character on the TV show Sweet Valley High.  Enough said.

The Engineer was fabulous the first time around, and he was even better the second time.  Uninhibited on stage, he is without a doubt in mind, the funniest performer I have ever witness on the theatrical stage.

I strongly urge all my readers to go see Miss Saigon before it closes this December.  It's a great show, and even if you generally dislike musicals, I guarantee that you will enjoy this one.

The Morning of the Dragon

The images shown are not of the cast that I had seen on May 27th, but it provides highlights of the show and pivotal scenes that will give you a feel of the plot.