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Arrogant-Inconsiderate-Obese-Pizza-Eating-Pop-Culture-Oriented- Closet-Homosexual with Narcissistic Inclinations

Ready to take a walk down Lover's Lane while holding his own hand, my beloved housemate has definitely made it to the top of this glorious list.

How did TJ reach this height of glory?  Well, after an entire school year of not running the dishwasher, leaving boxes of pizza with crusts left behind, using my travel mugs and leaving it in his room for weeks, consuming my bag of Oreos, helping himself to my orange juice and cranberry juice while buying packages of individual pints for himself - he has become the real life Cartman.

Another thing that really bothers me about him is the amount of time and energy he spends on doting on himself.  

    The second night at Rutgers, at 9:30 p.m., I was convincing Nicole Barriale to come to the Daily Targum's first news and photo meeting. I grabbed an assignment, wrote a front-page story, learned the names of all of the editors and listened closely every time someone mentioned caucus. I did everything I needed to do to make it there. I worked 40 hours a week for a year, writing stories, assigning them, living in that office. I kept going last February in a position where I don't even come in until 11 p.m. because I want the experience. I jumped onto this internship as soon as Joanna mentioned it, waking up at 7:30 after working until 2:30 some days during the end of the semester. I am kicking ass at that office, soaking up as much as I can. I am already putting together pieces so I can apply for the ASME internship next summer.

Taking an interest in the school newspaper because you want to be a journalist is hardly noteworthy.  It's fabulous to take pride in your hard work and focus, but that is something that people with desire and motivation do.  It is simply self-defeating if you lack motivation and focus.  

Secondly, everybody at Rutgers has a part-time job somewhere.  It is an aspect that makes Rutgers unique and a wonderful institution.  Although the student body may not be academically driven, they have a sense of responsibility that stems from being part of the working class America.  I worked just like the rest of my peers during the second semester of my sophomore year as well.  I had two part-time jobs, one of which made me the head of the RMA department for a computer hardware distributor.  Yes it was difficult, but everybody at Rutgers faces the same difficulties.  In addition, every single student should have an internship between his/her sophomore and junior year.  It is silly not to have an internship during that time because you end up denying yourself work experience, which is highly valuable if you have any desire to be part of corporate America.  As for the learning experience aspect of an internship - that is the very reason why internships are so valuable!  So doting on yourself about attaining an internship and making it a learning experience is like doting on the fact that you have a functional nose.  

Oh, and this next line is just classic.         

    I can't explain to you how horrified I'd be if I found out I was dying tomorrow. I would look back on my life, and although I'd see a lot of hard work and sacrifice and strength and accomplishment, I'd also see so much wasted potential.

Minority children that live in inner cities that are denied a livable environment and a mediocre education (let alone a quality one) are true examples of potential waste.  That is a tragedy; the death of the real life Cartman is hardly tragic.

*All quotes are his words as seen at his website www.vignette.org under the public journal section titled “now: work it own it”


Rereading my words that were fueled by anger, I have to admit that I am somewhat harsh on my friend.  Living with TJ was just a bad decision on my part because the intense clash of our lifestyles.  I am very possessive and I am also a neat freak - he is not.  He just doesn't think to pick up after himself and he figures that it gets really bad, somebody will end up cleaning.  

As for his display of narcissism and self-praise - it can be deemed as healthy.  It builds you confidence and enhances your self-image, which many people feel that this culture lacks.  My friend uses his journal as a daily self-affirmation to overcome what he feels are his shortcomings.  He acknowledges the positive things he does in his life and praises himself for it.  Most of us do the same thing by giving ourselves a mental pat on the back, but he chooses to verbalize it on his website.

I suppose it is rather evil spirited of me to degrade him in this manner … but I'm sorry … he just really pissed me off.  Check out May 7, 2000 A Summary On My House Mates From Hell to get the detailed scoop.  

Maybe I'll get over it this year in our new (incredibly ghetto) apartment.  Two words: RAW SEWAGE.  I sh!t you not (note the clever pun).  The sewage cap pops off because my landlord is too cheap to have it professionally fixed, so the basement will fill up with RAW SEWAGE.

Ugh.  Shoot me.  

But anyway, we did have some good times together and he was (I would use the present tense, but things haven't been pleasant for a while) a good friend.