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About Me
Hello viewers!

A little description of myself.

I'm a nineteen-year-old Asian-American female student at Rutgers College. I am double majoring in Economics and Urban Studies while minoring in Theater.

Some other things you may be interested to know.

Bad luck loves me and pursues me with a passion. Many people find the things that happen to me comical, but I don't find them funny in the least. My personal life belongs on a Jerry Springer show if not a melodramatic Aaron Spelling production. I live in the poorest excuse for a city. The term "city" implies some sort of artistic and cultural center, but New Brunswick is just a dirty ghetto populated with delinquent-drunken-punk-ass-college students and a whole bunch of illegal Spanish speaking people that need to be deported. Okay, that last category is really out of line, but I just have way too many unpleasant experiences with the males of that category to think otherwise. I'm not racist, I just don't enjoy the "cat calls" accepted and embraced by certain cultures.

So take a peek and look inside. Maybe my pathetic little life can bring a smile or a laugh to you.

The content of this web site will largely reflect my personal interests, current developments and happenings in my life.  So that you an idea of things that interest me, I give you My Top Ten Hobbies.  And if you care to know about the people in my life, then click for Those Near & Dear.